Disabilities in the Middle Ages with Kisha Tracy

Disabilities in the Middle Ages with Kisha Tracy

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Episode 9 of The Medieval Podcast – How did medieval people deal with physical and mental challenges? Danièle speaks with Kisha Tracy of Fitchburg State University on why its important to talk about disabilities in the Middle Ages and what evidence we have for how people cared for each other when there was physical or mental disabilities.

Kisha G. Tracy is Associate Professor of English, and Co-Coordinator of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Fitchburg State University. She is also one of the founders of the Lone Medievalist online community. or follow her on Twitter @kosho22.

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The host of The Medieval Podcast is Danièle Cybulskie. or follow her on Twitter @5MinMedievalist

Top Image: Disabled person being pushed on a wheel-barrow, from a scene in The Luttrell Psalter, British Library MS Add MS 42130 fol. I86v.

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