Viking Warrior Women?

Viking Warrior Women?

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Medieval texts tell of Viking warrior women taking part in battles, but are these stories describing reality or pure fiction? What can archaeology tell us about women in the Viking Age?

The search for answers is being done by ‘Amazons of the North: Armed Females in Viking Archaeology and Old Norse Literature,’ a research project led by Dr Leszek Gardeła (Bonn University, Germany) and funded by the DAAD German Academic Exchange Service. Script and production of the video by Leszek Gardeła and Mira Fricke.

See also this follow up video, where Leszek Gardeła takes a look at items like brooches and beads and how they were found in the graves of Norse women.

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And read some of Leszek Gardeła’s articles on the topic, including:

‘Warrior-women’ in Viking Age Scandinavia? A preliminary archaeological study

Amazons of the Viking World. Between Myth and Reality

Myths in Metal. Armed Females in the Art of the Viking Age

and more from his Academia.edu page

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Watch the video: Discover a Viking Graveyard. Viking Warrior Women. National Geographic UK (July 2022).


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