Medieval Youtube: From making chainmail to the Byzantine Empire song

Medieval Youtube: From making chainmail to the Byzantine Empire song

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Are you looking to teach your preschooler about the Byzantine Empire? We found a video for that, plus 14 more medieval-related videos that were posted on Youtube over the last month.

How is Chain Mail Made?

From English Heritage, they join traditional mail makers Nick Checksfield and Mark Hale to reveal the skills and process of making a full coat of mail, which can have around 2.8 kilometers of wire within it and take up to a year to create.

The Byzantine Museum of Athens

A commercial focusing on the permanent collection at the Byzantine Museum of Athens.

The Canterbury Tales in Middle English

Professor Brian S. Lee reading from The Canterbury Tales in Middle English at the 2018 SASMARS Conference in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Road to 1066: The Rise and Fall of the North Sea Empire

History With Hilbert looks at the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Normans, and the events of the Norman Conquest

Cross-Dressing Saints

From the Medieval Reader, she talks about some female saints who passed themselves off as men.

Sailing like a Viking

VnW Travels goes to the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark, and sails on a medieval boat. I did this too – it is an amazing experience!

Medieval Fight Book

A documentary from Timeline on Hans Talhoffer’s 1459 Fightbook (Fechtbuch), one of medieval world’s most mysterious manuscripts.

Abandoned Luxury Medieval Castle With Bizarre History

Broken Window Theory explores abandoned places. In this episode they explore a faux-medieval castle, apparently one that was cloned on a real medieval (which is only 200 metres away).

Sheffield Castle – Week 4 down to the Medieval

Wessex Archaeology is undertaking excavation work at Sheffield castle – here is one in a series of videos.

The Medieval Festival at Chateau de la Rochefoucauld

Sights and scenes from a medieval festival held in southwestern France this July.

We are lucky that bouncy balls were not invented during medieval times

An odd video from Landmark, but I guess they were trying to prove something.

Using Tinder to run a Medieval Monarchy in Reigns

From RTGame – Swipe right to reform the church and divide the population. Swipe left to give the Pope a hug!

What did wooden castles look like and how were they built?

Shadiversity examines wooden medieval castles.

Site Diary: Fantastic Finds of Lindisfarne

DigVentures has posted a series of videos about the archaeological work being done at Lindisfarne.

CC Geography Song, Week 11, Byzantine Empire

“Byzantine Empire, Constantinople is, squished at the heel of the Black Sea… (Squish! Squash!) Rome sits on Italy’s knee, Athens in Greece you see, Ephesus in western Turkey. ANTIOCH!”

Watch the video: Templar chant: Veni sancte spiritus Lyric Video (May 2022).