The Medieval Magazine: Umberto Eco (Volume 2 Issue 4)

The Medieval Magazine: Umberto Eco (Volume 2 Issue 4)

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We take a look at the life and legacy of Umberto Eco, who passed away last week. Best known for his novel, The Name of the Rose, Eco made a significant contribution to medieval studies. We also have a report on the discovery of a lost medieval town in Poland, an interview with Nancy Goldstone, and talk about Viking nicknames.

In these 37 pages you will find:

Discovering a Lost Medieval Town in Poland

How did medieval Europeans deal with Greek debt?

Nearly 100 Medieval Skeletons discovered in Aberdeen

Ragnar Shaggy-Trousers and Eystein Foul-Fart: the truth behind Viking names

Book Excerpt: Lost Battlefields of Wales

Tales from Sacchetti: Roast Goose

An Interview with Nancy Goldstone

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Watch the video: Cacciari: Eco, una cultura sterminata presentata sempre con leggerezza e ironia (July 2022).


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