Christmas market coming to York’s Barley Hall

Christmas market coming to York’s Barley Hall

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If you are interested in a Christmas market with a medieval flavour, Barley Hall in York will be the place to go later this month, as they are organising a festive shopping treat stocked full of unique gifts.

The reconstructed medieval townhouse, which was once home to the Lord Mayor of York, is nestled between the busy shopping streets of Stonegate and Swinegate, close to York Minster, and will play host to one of the most unique Christmas market experiences in the county.

Danielle Daglan, Head of Festivals, Events and Hospitality for York Archaeological Trust, the owners of Barley Hall, explains “The traders who come to Barley Hall have been specially selected for the quality of goods they are offering, some of which are handmade, so our visitors should have no trouble in finding the perfect gift for that special someone they wouldn’t find anywhere else.”

Indeed, with handcrafted leather goods, traditional tableware and jewellery on offer, as well as seasonal food and drink available to purchase there will be no need to click on the mouse buttons this year.

The shopping may be important but the experience itself is not to be missed; the medieval Hall will be dressed to showcase a traditional Christmas and a special tavern will be set up in the exhibition gallery on the first floor, serving warming winter favourites like mulled wine, Bailey’s hot chocolate, mince pies and more.

“We’re lucky this year that the upstairs exhibition gallery is playing host to ‘Power & Glory: York in the Time of Henry VIII’ which chronicles life in the city during the reign of that famous Tudor monarch,” added Danielle. “A key part of York’s culture was the tavern, where men and women would come to gossip about the news of the day. As the exhibition has a recreation of a Tudor tavern we thought it foolish not to use it! This addition will further immerse our visitors into the past and is an experience they most certainly couldn’t get online shopping.”

Barley Hall’s Festive Medieval Market takes place Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th November and is part of the wider York’s St Nicholas Christmas Fayre. Admission is £2 for adults, £1 conc. & £5 for a family of four. More information can be found at www.barleyhall.co.uk/christmas

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