The Medieval Magazine – Issue 34

The Medieval Magazine – Issue 34

In this week’s issue of The Medieval Magazine you will read about the Pictish stone carving Rhynie Man, how DNA is being used to track the movement of people during the Middle Ages, why the Templars still fascinate us, Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin, Tintagel Castle, and Book Curses. Archaeologists aim to unravel the mystery of the Rhynie Man

When a farmer ploughing an Aberdeenshire field in 1978 uncovered a six-foot high Pictish stone carved with a distinctive figure carrying an axe, it quickly earned the name the ‘Rhynie Man’, coined from the village in which it was found.

Exploring the Middle Ages at Deutsches Historisches Museum

The collection contains over 7,000 objects, therefore, picking a few poignant pieces from the Middle Ages and Early Modern period was daunting, but nonetheless, I narrowed it down to a few favourites.

Ten Castles that Made Medieval Britain: Tintagel Castle

The bleached bones of a blasted cliff-top castle, scourged by leaping sea and howling wind, Tintagel made as much from tempered dreams as carved stone still has the power to inspire.

DNA Research reveals movements of medieval peoples

The researchers found evidence of contact across Central Asia with groups from Mongolia. In fact, they see evidence that Mongolians migrated into Europe in two waves: once at a time that matches the known expansions of Genghis Khan and the other occurring much earlier, prior to 1000 CE in groups of North East Europe, including the Chuvash, Russians, and Mordovians.

Five Reasons We’re Still Fascinated by the Templars

What is it about the Templars that makes them so fascinating?

Fifty Medieval Skeletons discovered in Lichfield

Warwickshire County Council has reported the discovery of 50 skeletons on the site of the former St Johns’ Hospital in Lichfield,Staffordshire. Archaeologists believe that this was a burial ground connected to a medieval pilgrimage site.

Machiavelli and Botticelli Movies to Hit the Screen in 2016

Machiavelli and Botticelli are set to hit screens in 2016. We sat down to chat with Italian director, Lorenzo Raveggi about his two ambitious projects.

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